Update: Lannebo Likviditetsfond and Lannebo Mixfond re-opening

The funds Lannebo Likviditetsfond och Lannebo Mixfond will be reopened for trading after temporarily being closed on Friday the 20th of March.


On Friday March 20, at 9am, Lannebo decided to postpone trading in a number of the company´s funds.

The reason was because the pricing in the corporate bonds markets was not considered to work reliably, which could affect the fund´s unit holders. It is the obligation of a fund management company to close trading in funds if the market is not considered to be able to provide fair pricing. By making this decision Lannebo could safeguard the savings capital of our unit holders in the funds during this time.

But during Friday, the markets improved and Lannebo can therefore re-open the funds Lannebo Mixfond and Lannebo Likviditet for trading. The decision applies with immediate effect and delayed subscription and redemption orders placed as well as orders received on March 20 before the cut-off time 15.55 will be implemented at the NAV on March 20.

The funds Lannebo Corporate Bond, Lannebo High Yield, Lannebo Sustainable Corporate Bond and Lannebo Komplett is not yet able to open for trading due to continued uncertainty of fair pricing in the corporate bond market. As soon as pricing is normalized, the funds will re-open for trading.

For more information please contact info@lannebo.se


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Maria Nordqvist

10 sep. 2020

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For the third consecutive year Lannebo is granted the highest possible score from UN PRI for our responsible investment processes and activities.


31 mars 2021

Lannebo recruits fund manager Per Trygg

Lannebo have hired fund manager Per Trygg to be part of the small cap portfolio management team. Per Trygg most recently comes from the role as head of equities at SEB Investment Management.

_Z7M7825 1600x900

05 maj 2021

Lannebo recruits Jessica Malmfors as the new CEO

Lannebos board of directors appoints Jessica Malmfors as new CEO. Jessica Malmfors most recently served as CEO of Nordea Investment Management.