For us, investing is about taking responsibility for your savings and a sustainable future.


Our view on sustainability

We want our customers to feel comfortable investing in our funds. At a time when the world is facing major challenges, we are convinced that active management is a prerequisite for truly integrating sustainability into the investment process. It allows us to invest in the companies we believe have the greatest potential for long-term, sustainable value creation. It also allows us to influence and have a dialog with the companies we invest in, which has been the core of Lannebo’s investment philosophy since we were founded in 2000.

We believe in responsible investment. We do not invest in businesses that cause serious damage to human health, have poor business ethics or destroy the environment. Instead, we use our knowledge and resources to help companies with long-term sustainable business models to develop and make a greater positive impact on the world.

“Our commitment is based on the conviction that a company’s board is important for long-term sustainable value creation.”

Maria Nordqvist, Senior Sustainability Expert
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Active ownership

Sustainability always starts with corporate governance. Why is it so important to be an active owner - and how can we as investors contribute?

How we invest

How do we integrate sustainability into management? For us, it is a matter of course to work to influence the companies in the right direction.

Reports and policies

Read our policy for responsible investments, shareholder engagement principles, annual sustainability report and climate report.

Exclusion criteria

Concurrently, Lannebo strives to mitigate the funds’ exposure to sectors with substantial sustainability risks.

Sustainability-related information

General information about Lannebo's sustainability work linked to the funds and discretionary mandates.

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Maria Nordqvist

Head of Sustainability
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