Active Ownership

Being a responsible investor is necessary to create a sustainable product.

Lannebo Fonder’s engagement in active ownership is to protect unit holders’ common interest. We also pursue active ownership to promote the long-term development of companies and financial markets and to advocate confidence in the equity market. The foundation of our active ownership is Lannebo Fonder’s Principles for Shareholder Engagement and the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance.

1. Nomination Committee

The nomination committee, with the appointment of the board and its directors, is an important part of our role as active owners. We are very committed to our work with the nomination committees, and in Sweden Lannebo Fonder is one of the investors who participate in the most committees. A company’s work begins with the Board, which is why we consider it of utmost importance that the Board consists of a diversity of skills, experience and gender. Lannebo Fonder continuously works with the board selection process in order to achieve diversity, and it is important that the selection process is as broad as possible so that the best candidates can be appointed.

2. Annual General Meeting

In addition to the nomination process, we exercise our position as active owners at the Annual General Meeting of companies where the funds are large shareholders. The Annual General Meeting is the company’s highest decision-making body in which shareholders are entitled to exercise their rights and make their voices heard. We vote at the general meeting of nearly forty per cent of our holdings.

3. Dialogue

As a major shareholder, primarily in many smaller companies, we are able to influence through dialogue with the companies. We regularly meet many of the senior management of our investments and we maintain a close relationship with them. We also continuously track relevant corporate events by monitoring public information, such as news providers and company websites, together with regular company visits. In this way, we can early on identify the need for dialogue with relevant companies.