Reduced performance fee in Lannebo Småbolag Select as of April 1, 2016

Lannebo Fonder decreases the performance fee in Lannebo Småbolag Select to make the fund even better for its unit holders

Lannebo Småbolag Select is Lannebo Fonder’s best fund in terms of the absolute return since inception. For a unit holder who invested at inception October 31, 2000, the fund has given a net return of 859 percent, compared to the benchmark (CSXRSE) which during the same period increased by 508 percent.

The fund has in comparison with our other funds, a lower fixed management fee of 0.7 percent per year, but on the other hand an individual performance fee which amounts to 20% of the excess return i.e. that part of the fund’s capital growth which exceeds the benchmark, a so-called threshold or hurdle. The hurdle is currently 30 day-STIBOR (but not less than 0 percent interest rate) plus 3 percentage points.

We are now in a different interest rate environment compared to when the initial fee conditions were written and that is why we are now increasing the threshold. This means that the fund needs to give a higher return for the threshold to be crossed and performance fee to be charged to the fund. On April 1, 2016 this change takes place. The threshold will be changed to 30 day-STIBOR (but not less than 0 percent interest rate) plus 5 percentage points.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us at +46 856 225 222.

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