Lannebo awarded best boutique brand

The Mackay Williams Distribution Achievement Awards 2017 announced Lannebo as top boutique brand, i.e. the top brand among European groups with less than 20 mutual funds and less than €15bn of assets under management.

In a period of 12 months (to end June 2017) more than 1,000 fund selectors/distributors were interviewed regarding brand preference, product quality and pricing. The ranking also considered brand attributes like Key international player, Keeping best informed, Appealing investment strategy, Innovation/adaptation to market, Solidity, Client oriented thinking, Expert in what they do, Stability of investment team and Socially Respons/Sustainability.

Mauro Baratta, joint CEO of Mackay Williams summarizes:

“The big difference between Lannebo and the other small boutiques is that in Sweden alone, Lannebo is ranked very highly and extremely well perceived among third-party distributors.”

Announcing the winners of the awards, Diana Mackay, joint CEO of MackayWilliams, said:

“There is no shortage of awards in our industry but until now the focus has been on the investment strategy and

the skills of the men and women that manage the wealth of Europe’s savers. That is as it should be.

But there is another army of people who work tirelessly and creatively, not only to ensure that their

company’s investment expertise is explained to the wider market but also to meet the growing demand

for transparency from both regulators and distribution intermediaries.”

“Our focus for these awards is therefore on three functions that are now critical to a group’s ability to

differentiate itself and stand out from the crowd: Brand, Sales Services and Marketing” Diana Mackay concluded.

The winners were:


Star provider: BlackRock

Rising star: Nordea Investment Funds

Boutique Brand

Star provider: Lannebo Fonder

Sales Services

Star provider: Fidelity International

Rising star: Goldman Sachs Asset Management

Marketing and Communications

Star provider: BlackRock

Rising star: Nordea Investment Funds

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