A+ PRI rating for Lannebo

For the third consecutive year Lannebo is granted the highest possible score from UN PRI for our responsible investment processes and activities.

Maria Nordqvist

At Lannebo we have worked diligently to improve our work within ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance). As a result, our Assessment Score from the United Nations backed initiative PRI continues to improve.

For 2020 Lannebo is granted the score A+ in the overall category Strategy and Governance. Lannebo is also granted A+ in the categories Listed Equity – Incorporation and Listed Equity  – Active Ownership. In the Fixed Income categories Corporate Financial and Corporate Non-Financial Lannebo is granted the second highest score A. In summary, Lannebo in 2020 is granted the highest overall score since the company became a signatory of PRI in 2013.

“I’m especially proud of the A+ score for 2020 since the assessment process each year becomes even more demanding. The fact that we keep our A+ score, and are granted it in more categories than previous years, is a proof that we are continuously improving”, says Maria Nordqvist, Head of Responsible investments at Lannebo.

Lannebo has since the start in 2000 been dedicated to active asset management and active ownership. In 2019 Lannebo was present in the more nomination committees than any other Swedish Asset Manager in relation to total AUM. Lannebo prides itself as being the top boutique firm in Sweden for responsible governance and active ownership.

“The fund managers are fully responsible for their investments and the sustainability level in the managed funds. I would argue, Lannebo is amongst the very best firms at responsible corporate governance, not only in Sweden. Our approach is unique especially in an environment where fund management companies to a large extent are driven towards passive index funds” says Maria Nordqvist.

The main focus of Lannebo has always been to create change in companies through dialogue and nomination committees, however, our funds do not invest in companies within sectors such as tobacco, oil, weapons, gambling or alcohol.

“To be a truly responsible investor you need to be able to work with different strategies to address different issues. It is not enough only to exclude investments in certain sectors nor is it enough only to rely on dialogue to change companies from within”, says Maria Nordqvist.

Facts: PRI Assessment Score

  • PRI is a UN backed initiative launched in 2006.
  • The aim is to make institutional investors contribute to developing a more sustainable global financial system. As of today the initiative has more than 3000 signatories representing a majority of the world’s professionally managed investments.
  • Each year PRI (Principles for Responsible Investments) makes an assessment of the signatories efforts to implement the core principles. The resulting score has six grades, A+ being the highest and E being the lowest.


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23 mars 2020

Update: Lannebo Likviditetsfond and Lannebo Mixfond re-opening

The funds Lannebo Likviditetsfond och Lannebo Mixfond will be reopened for trading after temporarily being closed on Friday the 20th of March.


31 mars 2021

Lannebo recruits fund manager Per Trygg

Lannebo have hired fund manager Per Trygg to be part of the small cap portfolio management team. Per Trygg most recently comes from the role as head of equities at SEB Investment Management.

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05 maj 2021

Lannebo recruits Jessica Malmfors as the new CEO

Lannebos board of directors appoints Jessica Malmfors as new CEO. Jessica Malmfors most recently served as CEO of Nordea Investment Management.