Information regarding complaints


A claim means, for example, that a customer is dissatisfied with the information provided or the management of a fund trade. A claim should be remedied during the initial contact with Lannebo Fonder. Please call our Customer Service at +46 (0)8-5622 5222 and we should be able to sort out any issues directly.


A complaint is defined as a customer who is dissatisfied with a financial service or product and the customer believes that the fund company did not comply with a requirement or a request for a correction regarding the service or a product. General discontent in this context is not considered a complaint. A complaint should be submitted in writing to Lannebo Fonder AB Complaints Manager, PO Box 7854, SE-103 99 STOCKHOLM. Alternatively send an e-mail to

Complaints are submitted free of charge to Lannebo Fonder.

Processing times

Lannebo Fonder shall be addressed a complaint directly. However, should this not be possible, the same time schedule and procedure are applicable as are applicable for claim. A complaint should be addressed within five working days, and should the case require further investigation / processing Lannebo Fonder will notify you within five working days and provide you information about when the action / response will be made available.

If you as a customer are not satisfied with Lannebo Fonder’s handling of your complaint then you should contact, in the first instance, the Consumers’ Bank & Finance Bureau (Konsumenternas Bank- och finansbyrå) for guidance, telephone +46 (0)200-225800. Alternatively you can contact them at You can also contact the municipality (Kommunens) consumer adviser for guidance, or contact the Consumer Complaints (ARN) or civil courts to ask to have your case reviewed.

Unit holders may request, free of charge, Lannebo Fonder’s internal guidelines for the handling of complaints and claims by contacting Customer Service at the phone number listed above.

Nathalie Eriksson is responsible for complaints and claims at Lannebo Fonder.

Responsible for complaints