Market soundings are interactions between a seller of financial instruments and one or more potential investors, prior to the announcement of a transaction, in order to gauge the interest of potential investors in a possible transaction and its pricing, size and structuring. Market soundings could involve an initial or secondary offer of relevant securities, and are distinct from ordinary trading. They are a highly valuable tool to gauge the opinion of potential investors, enhance shareholder dialogue, ensure that deals run smoothly, and that the views of issuers, existing shareholders and potential new investors are aligned. They may be particularly beneficial when markets lack confidence or a relevant benchmark, or are volatile.

In general Lannebo Fonder wishes to receive market soundings.

If Lannebo Fonder does not wish to receive any future market soundings in relation to either all potential or particular types of potential transactions, this will be communicated in due course.

Lannebo Fonder has, in accordance with applicable market abuse regulations (MAR), designated the following persons to receive market soundings.

For market research in the stock market, Johan Ståhl and Johan Lannebo are primarily contact persons. If none of these people are available, information can be provided to another person within Lannebo’s Fund Management department . In such cases, the information should be provided to the person in the department who, given the funds he/she manages, can be assumed to be most suitable for the current market exploration.

Karin Haraldsson and Katarina Ponsbach Carlsson are the contact persons for market research in the fixed income market.

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Johan Lannebo

Senior Advisor and Chairman of the Board
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