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A technology fund for you who want to invest in market-leading technology companies.
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Lannebo Teknik - Fund with a focus on new technology

Our lives have changed because of the technological advancements made in recent decades. New companies have emerged that have delivered products and services that have revolutionized the way we consume television and music, how we communicate and even how we buy goods and services. And these technological developments will continue, creating good growth opportunities for innovative well-managed companies the world over. As an example, in 2004 Volvo and Apple had about the same market values. In 2018, Apple is worth about 20 times more than Volvo. The world is changing.

Lannebo Teknik is an actively managed equity fund that invests in growth industries globally, but where the emphasis is on the U.S.. Prevailing industries that the fund invests in include technology, telecommunications, health, Internet and media.

The fund is suitable for those who

  • want a global exposure to growth companies primarily in the technology sector
  • believe in active management and investments based on a clear understanding of each individual company

Management style

We strive to find companies that are leaders in their industries. We analyse the company’s competitiveness and future prospects and we evaluate how this is reflected in the share price. The intention is that each investment must qualify on its own merits, where focus is placed on what is important for each individual company and their long-term development. The fund’s objective is to generate a better return than similar funds.


Lannebo Teknik conducts genuine active management with focus on long-term, profitability and sustainability. The funds managers choose holdings on the basis of a thorough company analysis. The managers assess factors such as the company’s business model, market position, growth opportunities and risks. How a company takes responsibility towards people, environment and society also affect its future growth. Therefore, before making an investment the portfolio managers complete an internal company sustainability analysis. The managers analyse and assess various areas of sustainability and review whether there have been previous sustainability incidents. The managers then rate the company based on the results of the analysis. The internal analysis also includes a rating from an external sustainability service provider. Lannebo’s active management means that our managers develop a deep knowledge of each holding, which we believe is a prerequisite for being able to integrate sustainability into the investment process. We are long-term investors and our task is to invest in companies that will be profitable and deliver to our fund investors a good return over time at a reasonable risk. The managers also meet with company managements regularly to monitor developments and discuss sustainability.

Lannebo Teknik does not invest in companies that violate international conventions or in companies that produce and/or distribute controversial weapons. The fund also refrains from investing in companies in which more than 5 per cent of the company’s turnover comes from the production and/or distribution of tobacco, cannabis, alcohol, weapons, gambling or pornography. The fund also refrains from investing in companies in which more than 5 per cent of the company’s turnover comes from extracting of fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas).


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Vanliga frågor om Lannebo Teknik

Vad är en teknikfond?

En teknikfond är en aktiefond som investerar i bolag med fokus på ny teknik. Bland innehaven i Lannebo Teknik finns flera av världens ledande teknikföretag såsom Apple, Google och Amazon.

Varför investera i en fond inom ny teknik?

Tekniksektorn har utvecklas starkt det senaste årtiondet. Lannebo Teknik är en aktiefond och har därför hög risk vilket gör att den lämpar sig för långsiktigt sparande, det vill säga sparande med en längre placeringshorisont än fem år.

Vilka är de bästa fonderna som investerar i ny teknik?

Flera olika fondbolag har fonder som investerar i ny teknik. För en dagsaktuell jämförelse hänvisar vi till Morningstar, en analystjänst som täcker de flesta svenska teknikfonder.

Var kan man köpa Lannebo Teknik?

Lannebo Teknik finns tillgänglig via flertalet banker, försäkringsbolag och nätmäklare. Här finns en fullständig lista över var du kan köpa Lannebo Teknik.

Går det att månadsspara i Lannebo Teknik?

Ja, det går att månadsspara i fonden. Antingen via din bank eller som direktkund hos Lannebo.

Går det att spara till barn i Lannebo Teknik?

Ja, det går att spara till barn i Lannebo Teknik. När det gäller sparande till minderåriga går det antingen att spara i eget namn eller i barnets namn. Om du vill veta mer och starta ett sparande till barn i Lannebo Teknik, kontakta oss direkt så hjälper vi dig.

Finns Lannebo Teknik i PPM?

Ja, Lannebo Teknik finns i PPM. Här finns en lista över samtliga Lannebos fonder i PPM.

Passar Lannebo Teknik på ett investeringssparkonto, ISK?

Ja, Lannebo Teknik är en aktiefond som investerar i bolag inom ny teknik. Det innebär att fonden har hög risk. Historiskt har det varit lönsamt att ta hög risk för långsiktigt sparande. Insvesteringssparkonto, ISK, är en sparform som lämpar sig väl för sparande i aktiefonder.

Går det att placera tjänstepensionen i Lannebo Teknik?

Det beror på vilken leverantör du har av din tjänstepension. Här kan du se vilka fonder som finns hos respektive tjänstepensionsleverantör. Lannebo Fonder tjänstepension.

Basic fund facts

Start date2000-08-04
Open for tradeDaily
Management fee1,6%

Risk information

Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. The money you invest in a fund can both increase and decrease in value and it is not certain that you will get back the full amount invested.