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A fund-of-fund for you who want a diversified portfolio and good risk diversification.
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Lannebo Komplett - Fund-of-fund

Lannebo has a team of fifteen portfolio managers – all driven by the value of active management. At the same time, they are completely independent in their process, each portfolio manager has their own style, and they manage portfolios with different regional focus, sectors and market cap concentration. The fund-of-funds, Lannebo Komplett, offers the opportunity to invest in several of Lannebo’s equity and fixed income funds through a single portfolio, and provides a balanced risk diversification through the investments in both equity and fixed income funds.

Lannebo Komplett is an actively managed fund-of-funds, which invests in a selection of Lannebo’s equity and fixed income funds. The allocation between equity and fixed income funds, and an active selection of funds within each category, enables a balanced risk level that is lower than the risk level of the stock market, but exceeds the level of risk for the fixed income market.

Lannebo Komplett can invest a maximum of 20 per cent of its assets in a single fund, and invests primarily in funds managed by Lannebo. The fund’s maximum allocation in equities shall not exceed 60 per cent of the fund assets; the fund can invest 100 percent of the asset in fixed income; while a maximum allocation of 30 per cent can be invested in special funds.

The fund is suitable for those who

  • want to invest in a selection of Lannebo Fonder’s equity and fixed income funds through a single portfolio
  • want to have risk diversification between asset classes and geographic regions
  • prefer to have their savings allocated by a professional between asset classes and geographic regions


Lannebo Komplett invests primarily in funds managed by Lannebo; the fund can also invest in other securities and special funds. The fee on the underlying funds are discounted by 100 per cent and the unitholder only pays a fixed management fee of 1.6 per cent and a custody fee of maximum 0.02 per cent. This fee structure is competitive compared with other fund-of-funds that typically charge fees on the underlying fund.


Genom analys och urval fattar fondens förvaltare aktiva placeringsbeslut och allokerar mellan olika aktie- och räntefonder. Den geografiska fördelningen baseras på konjunktursyn samt potentialen på respektive marknad. Målsättningen är att uppnå en bra långsiktig avkastning med balanserad risknivå.

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Start date2014-03-17
Open for tradeDaily
Management fee1,6%

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